Karen Sargsyan

       The base of my work is to show pure essence of human being. I look at the influences that people undergo in their life the same way as I look at a theaterplay. I want to show this play. My work does not consist of static images, but shows an active process. My figures are in the middle of a scene that will change their life. You see the moment when they falter; the moment that every firm idea or thought, suddenly looks different; the moment of wonder. That is the moment human being shows its true nature. The figures are theatrical, compelling and vulnerable as a child.

Books or myths often lie at the base of my installations. The figures are caught in the moment, while the scene refers to a history.

A scene that should arouse curiosity about the consequences for their souls. The viewer sees the scene in which the figures are overtaken by the dramatic turn. The tragedy is that the characters are in the middle of their life and haven’t the overview the viewer has.

My installations consist of several three-dimensional figures. They are literally and figuratively layered. Several layers of paper give the figures character. Anatomy, which I studied in realistic painting, must be accurate and expressive. In details and finish I hide my humor. The attributes I usually leave show my comments on the scene.